Safeguarding Week in Wales 2021- Wythnos Ddiogelu yng Nghymru 2021

Safeguarding Adults Week 2021

Safeguarding Week 2021

The Ann Craft Trust is hosting Safeguarding Adults Week from 15-21 November. This coincides with Safeguarding Week in Wales. We’d like you to take part by holding events and sharing information that will help make Wales a safer place for all.

Learn more about the themes for the Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Adults Week 2021. You can also sign up for information and resources for the week. 

In 2020, Sport Wales translated ACT resources for you to share in Welsh- and will be doing the same this year. Cyfieithodd Chwaraeon Cymru adnoddau Ymddiriedolaeth Ann Craft i chi eu rhannu yn y Gymraeg – byddwn yn gwneud yr un peth eleni.

If you are based in a sport and activity organisation, you can also explore our guide for how the sport and activity sector can support the week! Alternatively, you can see our guide for how organisations are getting involved in Safeguarding Adults Week 2021.

Safeguarding Adults Week Resources

You can explore social media assets, resources for the Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Adults Week, pre-written tweets, podcasts and posters in English here.

Sport Wales have worked with us to translate some of the resources for Safeguarding Adults Week into Welsh. We hope these will be helpful in allowing you to further raise awareness of safeguarding adults as part of Safeguarding Week in Wales.

Twitter Schedule

We have developed a twitter schedule with pre-written messages to help you raise awareness of safeguarding on social media. The twitter schedule is available in both Welsh and English.

You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SafeguardingAdultsWeek, #SaferWales and #DiogeluCymru.

Social Media Assets

We hope these social media assets help you to raise awareness of safeguarding on social media. Please click on the image you would like to use. You can then copy or save this onto your own device to use on social media. You can access social media assets in English here. 

What is Wellbeing? Beth yw Lles?



What is Emotional Abuse? Beth yw Cam-drin Emosiynol?



What is Respectful Language? Beth yw Laith Barchus?



What is Digital Safeguarding? Beth yw Diogelu Digidol?



What is Adult Grooming? Beth yw Meithrin Perthynas Amhiriodol (grooming) ag Oedolion?



What are Safer cultures? Beth yw Diwylliant Diogelach?



Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Mae diogelu yn gyfrifoldeb pawb.



Safeguarding Adults Week Posters

We have created posters to highlight the key themes for the week.

Safeguarding Adults Week- Events

To raise awareness during the week, The Ann Craft Trust have a range of training sessions taking place. Join us to develop your safeguarding practice!

Regional Safeguarding Boards

If you are based in Wales, there may also be events local to you hosted by regional Safeguarding Boards during the week. See the links below to explore what is happening in your area.

Safeguarding Week in Wales Resources

We have collected the following resources related to each of the themes of this year’s Safeguarding Week in Wales.

Emotional Abuse and Safeguarding Mental Health

Sport and mental heath:

The Power of Language

Digital Safeguarding

Adult Grooming

Creating Safer Organisational Cultures

Safeguarding and You