Do you know how to Support Young People who have been Abused Online? – Digital Safeguarding

The National Working Group (NWG) Network and Marie Collins Foundation (MCF) are working together to provide advice and resources for professionals and parents about how best to support children and young people who have been abused online.


It is recognised that the internet is hugely beneficial to many young people, now more than ever before. However, sometimes children and young people fall victim to the skilled techniques employed by those who are intent on doing them harm online.

In response, the National Working Group (NWG) Network and Marie Collins Foundation (MCF) have produced two leaflets which outline the main considerations for parents, carers and professionals when it is discovered a child has been harmed online. The experience of survivors of online abuse has been shared to inform the support provided.

The leaflets explain what forms sexual abuse online can take and helps adults to understand why young people may be at greater risk of harm and why they may not tell. Critically, the leaflet helps parents to know what to do if they believe their child has been harmed, some dos and don’ts and where to go for help.

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