This online assessment tool supports sport and physical activity organisations (National Governing Bodies, National Specialist Partners and Active Partnerships funded by Sport England and UK Sport) to implement best practice in safeguarding adults.

Safeguarding adults is a responsibility for every sport and physical activity organisation. Getting this right will ensure a wider participation in sport and activity as well as creating a safer culture and more inclusive and accessible environment for everyone.

We developed the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework to support sport and activity organisations to develop and improve their practice in safeguarding adults. The Framework will help to identify any gaps or areas of practice that need development, as well as supporting best practice and continued development in safeguarding adults.

UPDATE – Following a review, we are making some changes to the Framework to improve the user journey, and the assessment process. Learn more about these changes here.


  • What is the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework?

    It’s an online tool designed to enable sport and activity organisations to have their safeguarding adult policy, procedures and practices professionally assessed against a national safeguarding framework.

    It contains six themes. Each theme contains several criteria that require you to submit evidence indicating where and how you meet them. You’ll work your way through the Framework theme by theme, submitting evidence for each criterion.

    Following each theme there is a space to write a brief summary that will form part of your action plan. This allows you to indicate any action to be taken where gaps exist or to indicate your future planned development.

    Any action points for each criterion will form your overall action plan.

    Learn more about what the Framework is, and how it works, with our Framework FAQ.

    Need help completing the Framework? See our User Guide for the Framework Portal.

  • The Principles of the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

    We developed the Framework based on safeguarding adult legislation and current policy development in sport and physical activity.

    It supports robust policies, procedures and governance that should be in place regarding safeguarding adults. It also helps provide a way forward for supporting decision-making and rights for adults who may be at risk of harm or abuse.

    The Framework is endorsed by Sport England and UK Sport. It supports Sport England’s “Uniting the Movement” – the 10 year vision to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity.

    This framework provides a set of criteria for everyone involved in sport to work towards to help develop a positive sporting culture that creates a safer sporting environment for all adults, protecting them from harm.

    We welcome the opportunity to benchmark current practice against this framework and in doing so enabling challenge to current practice as well as an opportunity to share experiences.

    The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework contributes to Sport England’s Uniting the Movement strategy to help build a sector where those taking part do so in a safe and positive environment.

    – Sport England.

  • Who is the Framework for?

    From April 2022 it is a requirement for all National Governing Bodies, Active Partnership and National Specialist partners funded by Sport England and UK Sport in England to complete the Framework.

    Completing the Framework forms part of your Funding Agreement.

    The Framework must be completed within the timescales of your funding agreement.

    If you are not a National Governing Body, National Specialist Partner or Active Partnership, you may want to complete our Safeguarding Roadmap for Sports and Activity Organisations.

  • How to Register for the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

    We are now booking in organisations to work through the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework, please get in touch.

    When we’ve agreed your submission date with you, we will provide you with a unique login for you to access the Framework and get started.


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