This three hour course aims to cover the essentials for safeguarding adults at risk in sport and activity for anyone working with and having direct responsibility for a player’s welfare. With a range of training methods, we work with your organisation to develop courses that are directly relatable to day-to-day experiences of coaches and volunteers.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone working with adults in sport with a direct responsibility for player’s welfare and who may recognise and raise concerns of adult safeguarding issues.

This could include:

  • Team managers
  • Coaches
  • Volunteers with direct responsibility for players’ welfare

Aims of Safeguarding Adults in Sport & Activity Training: Level 2

  • Explore responsibilities in relation to safeguarding (organisational, local and legislative).
  • Identify the signs and symptoms types of abuse, and factors affecting risk of abuse.
  • Look at what consists of poor practice.
  • Understand how to determine the actions to take to safeguard an adult at risk.

Safeguarding Adults in Sport & Activity Training: Level 2 will explore the following areas:

  • What is safeguarding? Defining what safeguarding is and how it applies to sports and activity organisations.
  • Indicators of concern and types of abuse
    Examining key indicators of abuse and learning to recognise the different types of abuse.
  • Your role within safeguarding
    Understanding what your role is and your responsibilities in terms of safeguarding and players’ welfare.
  • Processes
    Explaining the process in involved and how you should respond to a safeguarding concern.
  • You and the law
    I Identifying relevant legislation and how this applies to you.

Training tailored to you

In addition to the above Safeguarding Adults in Sport & Activity Training: Level 2 we can provide bespoke training to meet your training needs.

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