The Care Act 2014 describes ‘financial abuse’ as a type of abuse which includes having money or other property stolen, being defrauded, being put under pressure in relation to money or other property and having money or other property misused.

Through our research projects and experience, we have identified potential risks and offer training and resources on recognising and reducing the risk of financial abuse.

Financial Abuse of People with Learning Disabilities – 2010/12

The Ann Craft Trust and BILD collaborated on a two year project, funded by the Department of Health.

The aim of this project was to produce a training pack that is now available and accessible to all people supporting people with learning disabilities with their financial management.

The project worked closely with organisations, carers and service users in gathering evidence. Through focus groups, one-to-one interviews and online questionnaires, ACT and BILD explored the challenges people with learning disabilities and their workers/carers face.

The training pack addresses the potential risks of personal budgets and importantly highlights for professionals and carers the potential signs of financial abuse. Deborah Kitson, CEO for ACT, believes the “research focused on the impact for service users and their families whilst also exploring how we, as professionals, help people manage their money and feel safe.”

It also incorporated training for people with learning disabilities themselves in order to raise their awareness about all aspects of safeguarding their finances.

Advocates, deputies, IMCAs, brokers and carers can benefit from the training materials that offer them sound financial management advice and information about prevention and detection of financial abuse.

Click here to read our Financial Abuse of People With Learning Disabilities report in full.

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