Our safeguarding checklist

Do you, your staff or organisation understand what safeguarding is? Do you have up to date policies and procedures in place that will protect adults from harm?

Our safeguarding checklist allows you to test your individual or organisational safeguarding knowledge and practices. Test your knowledge by completing our online safeguarding checklist which covers the Safeguarding, Prevention, Recognition, Reporting & Recording and Reviewing processes.

The checklist and what to expect

Allow approximately 15 minutes to complete the 5 categories with a simple yes/no response.

On completion, you will receive a tailored report with the responses and a unique link to additional learning resources and materials, allowing you to have the right safeguarding measures in place for adults.

Please note that If you are unsure about any question please select No to receive the response and access to further resources and materials.


Are you completing this checklist as an individual?

If you are an individual working within a small unregistered charity or group and responsible for safeguarding or simply want to learn more about safeguarding to improve your own knowledge click here.

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Are you completing this checklist as part of an organisation?

If you are an adviser, employee or manager responsible for safeguarding and want to ensure your organisation has the right policies, procedures, practices, training and access to further learning in place then complete the checklist here.

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