The aim of all Management Board Training is to provide an opportunity to learn about and reflect upon safeguarding in your own organisation.

This interactive training will provide information about strategic safeguarding and support boards in assessing, prioritising and planning their safeguarding work.

As recognised in a number of reviews into sport, including the Whyte Review, safeguarding is a major concern for boards. The Code for Sports Governance has also increased the emphasis on welfare and safety in response to heightened awareness across the sector.

In order to support a safe culture across organisations, strategic safeguarding training is important for all National Governing Bodies, Active Partnerships and System Partners.

Who is this training for?

This training is free for National Governing Bodies, Active Partnerships and System Partners at Board, Managerial or Senior Level within the organisation.

Prior to attending this course: For those with no previous safeguarding training, it is recommended that the Introductory Training is completed.

What job roles are suited to this training?

Examples of the voluntary or paid job roles of people this course could be provided to include:

• Board members
• Trustees
• CEOs
• Senior Management Team

Board training course structure

Training can be delivered with a sole focus on Safeguarding Adults or delivered jointly with the Child Protection in Sport Unit to cover both adult and children safeguarding.

The content is bespoke and developed to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

We can either deliver this course online, or in person. We are flexible when it comes to times and dates. However, all participants should attend the training using the same medium to get maximum benefit.

Course outline

This session takes 3 hours and covers:

  1. An introduction to safeguarding adults (and children, if necessary).
  2. The role of the board in safeguarding and embedding safeguarding across the organisation.
  3. The importance of a safeguarding culture within the organisation.
  4. Why safeguarding is important. This includes discussion of the legal and moral reasons for safeguarding, as well as the risk of not addressing safeguarding sufficiently.
  5. Safeguarding resource within the organisation and how this can be supported by the board.
  6. Exploring additional vulnerabilities/challenges for the organisation through discussing the participants engaging in the sport/area, and any identified areas of risk.
  7. Identifying areas for future development.

Refresher/Follow-Up Session

In general, boards should receive safeguarding training every three years, or whenever there has been a significant change of personnel.

The content and timings of any agreed follow-up sessions would depend upon the needs of the individual organisation and would be based on a discussion between the LSO and The Ann Craft Trust/CPSU.

*Please note:  In order to make effective use of this training, there must be at least 80% of participants attending the session. We will postpone the training if only a smaller number can attend. For this reason, we will need confirmed numbers 24 hours before the training.

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