Reviews and Planned Changes to The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

It is hard to believe that The Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework has been in existence for 5 years!

We first launched the Framework in 2018 with a piloting process involving a handful of sport and activity organisations. Following Sport England’s launch of their Uniting the Movement strategy, we made some changes to the Framework in 2021. These changes largely focused on strengthening Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

We have recently completed a review of the Framework to assess, among other things:

  • The assessment and feedback process.
  • The user journey.
  • What the insights from the Framework tell us in terms of strengths and weaknesses across the safeguarding adults in sport agenda.

The combination of the review with our own ideas, along with the feedback from some who have been through the process, gave us an overall balanced view of the Framework as it stands. This should enable us to implement any improvements with minimal disruption to you.

We understand the commitment it takes to develop and implement safeguarding adults’ policies, procedures, and ways of working. We want you all to be proud of your ongoing efforts and the work you do. The Framework is an ideal way to highlight all this hard work. It also provides you with the opportunity to see where any improvements may be needed – as well as the areas where you are excelling!

So what is staying the same?

  • The six themes: Safeguarding Governance, Implementation of Safeguarding Adult Responsibility, Training and Staff development, Safe Recruitment, Codes of Conduct, Managing Safeguarding Adult Concerns.
  • The visual look of the Framework online portal (for now! We are looking to ways to improve this too).
  • The way you obtain your link, upload evidence, and complete the Framework process.
  • You will still have six weeks to complete the submission upon receiving the link. We will always work with if you wish to move your final date.
  • You will still receive a report of the assessment outcome and areas for further development.

Essential Criteria

As part of our planned changes, we are highlighting certain ‘essential criteria’ for safeguarding best practice.

If you don’t receive a green rating on these areas, you will not be able to receive a green in that particular section. If you only score amber on these criteria, you will not be able to score above amber for that particular section.

You can see the full criteria here. The essential criteria are as follows:

  • 1.2         The board or management committee monitors safeguarding activity against an annual action/implementation plan and receives regular updates.
  • 1.3         The organisation has a Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures in place which is reviewed and updated at least every 3 years and approved by the board.
  • 2.7         Safeguarding adult policy, procedures and resources are known and visible.
  • 2.8         An action plan is developed and implemented that identifies the organisation’s approach and strategy to safeguard adults with clear tasks and timescales. This needs to be agreed, sanctioned, and signed off by the board.
  • 3.1         There is as organisational training plan to ensure that all roles receive the right level of safeguarding adult training, appropriate to their role and responsibilities.
  • 4.1         The organisation sets out safe recruitment procedures and ensures these are implemented throughout the sport/organisation.
  • 4.5         There is a commitment to the legal requirement to referring a person to the DBS (or other agency) barred list in relevant circumstances.
  • 5.2         All those involved in sport and activity understand their Code of Conduct and have declared to uphold it.
  • 6.1         The organisation has a system in place for managing safeguarding adults cases and queries.
  • 6.5         The organisation ensures they use all available safeguarding information, including learning from managed cases, to monitor and evaluate themes. These insights should also inform the review and development of all relevant policies, procedures and processes.

What Else Do We Plan To Change?

  • We are looking into rewording and removing some criteria to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what we’re asking of you.
  • In addition, we are looking to change the wording of your outcome levels. We’ll provide more information on what these levels actually mean in practice. We are also removing the option for a quick resubmission, as we know safeguarding takes time to embed. We will work with you on what this means in practice.
  • We will now email your Framework outcome to you. It will clearly show where the strengths and weakness are throughout your submission. You can use this report to guide you with future submissions, along with your all-important action plan.
  • We will also start to share more information and updates on areas of strength and weakness during the Framework assessment process.

What is the timescale for these changes?

Some of these changes will take effect soon, such as the new style reports. We will also provide more information on timescales and communicate as we progress through our action plan. We aim to have most of the changes implemented by April 2024.

What do we have to support you?

The Framework template action planning document is still the best way for you identify your strengths and weaknesses internally prior to full submission.

We will continue to deliver our online Framework information and peer support sessions to aid anyone planning to submit.

Finally, our Safeguarding Adults in Sport Managers are always on hand to discuss any queries or apprehensions you may have. So please get in touch with your assigned contact if you wish to.

As you continue your safeguarding adults journey, we hope the Framework process offers you and your organisation reassurance that you’re on the right track.

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