About the Framework

What is the Purpose of the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework?

The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework (The Framework) is an online assessment tool designed to support sport and activity organisations to improve adult safeguarding practices, to establish and promote best practice and to support continued development in safeguarding adults.

The Framework promotes a safer involvement in sport and activity for all members of society, values diversity and reflects current up to date practice and legislation in safeguarding adults.

What are the benefits of completing The Framework?

By completing The Framework, you are demonstrating that you are committed to safeguarding adults.

This Framework provides a set of criteria for everyone involved in sport to help develop a positive sporting culture that creates a safe sporting environment for adults, protecting them from harm.

We welcome the opportunity to benchmark current practice against this framework and in doing so enabling challenge to current practice as well as an opportunity to share experiences.

The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework contributes to one of Sport England’s Strategic aims: that everyone taking part in sport and physical activity is safeguarded physically and mentally”.

  • Sport England

In addition, by completing The Framework, you are meeting your funding agreement as set out by Sport England or UK Sport.

Who should complete The Framework?

From April 2022, it is a requirement for all National Governing Bodies, National Specialist Partners and Active Partnerships funded by Sport England and UK Sport in England to complete the Framework. Completing the Framework forms part of your Funding Agreement.

How does the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework Work?

The Framework consists of six themes. Each theme contains criteria that require you to submit evidence indicating where and how you meet them.

You will work your way through The Framework theme by theme, submitting evidence for each criterion.

Following each theme there is a space to write a brief summary of how you meet the criteria of the theme, as well as a section where you can indicate any action to be taken where gaps exist or to indicate your future planned development.

The action points for each theme will form your overall action plan.


Completing The Framework


How do I access the Framework?

Once you have contacted the Ann Craft Trust and confirmed a date that you can start your submission, you will be contacted by email and provided with a unique login and password. This will allow you to log in and out and save your submission until you are ready to submit.

The first time you log in, we recommend you change the password provided to one of your own.

How long will it take?

Once you’ve received your log in and start your submission, you will then have six weeks to work your way through and complete the Framework.

What if I haven’t been able to complete it in six weeks? What if I need more time?

Please talk to us to discuss the situation. We are aware that situations change and safeguarding cases can take priority.

Can more than one person work on or access The Framework at the same time?

At present there is only one log in available per submission, therefore all information must be uploaded by one individual.

Who do I contact if there are any technical issues?

Refer to the User Guide for the Framework Portal first. If you are still having difficulty, please contact our Administrator, Sarah Nolan at sarah.nolan@nottingham.ac.uk

Can I upload evidence and save it as I go along?

Yes. Any evidence that you submit will be saved and stored on the system until you are ready to submit. You will be able to view your submission and revisit your action plan at any time.

I am starting a new submission as our last one was completed two years ago. Do I need a new login? And when I log back in, can I see the original submission?

If you completed the submission last time and can remember your log in details, you can use that original log in and you will be able to view your old submission. You would then click on ‘new submission’ to start your new submission.

If you are ready to begin a new submission but you don’t have the previous log in details, you need to email out Administrator, Sarah Nolan at sarah.nolan@nottingham.ac.uk. Your previous submission will be reassigned and you will be given new login details so you can access the portal and see the previous submission.


After Submission


What will happen next and what is the process for assessing?

Your Framework submission will be assessed against a set of standardised criteria developed and agreed by the Ann Craft Trust based on safeguarding adult legislation and best practice.

A random number of submissions are selected for external verification

What do I get once I’ve completed the Framework? Is there a report?

The assessor will provide written feedback indicating where you meet the criteria and highlighting areas for improvement. The feedback will be provided in a written report and will be emailed to you along with a letter confirming your Framework outcome.

How will you feedback on my assessment? What are the ratings?

There are currently three outcomes given: Met, Conditionally Met, and Unmet.

What does a “Met” outcome mean for our overall submission?

A Met outcome means there appears to be sound safeguarding measures in place to support adults involved in the organisation. It means you have evidenced all ‘essential’ framework criteria in your submission.

So, there is a clear action plan, which your organisation actively implements and regularly monitors. You listen to the voice of adults in your organisation, and there is evidence of using learning to inform developments and actions. Your organisation shows commitment to developing and embedding a safe and inclusive culture, and safeguarding all adults.

What does “Conditionally Met” mean?

A Conditionally Met outcome means there appears to be a sound base of safeguarding measures in place to support adults involved in your organisation. It may be that you have not yet addressed all of the “essential” criteria. Or, it may be that you have not provided sufficient evidence in your submission. However, you have identified actions demonstrating how you plan to address these gaps, along with your further development plans. This means your organisation has shown a commitment to developing and embedding the practice of safeguarding adults.

What will happen if we receive a “Not Met” outcome for our overall submission?

A Not Met outcome means there does not appear to be sufficient safeguarding measures in place to support adults involved in your organisation.

There may be some elements of criteria in place, but there are significant gaps or deficiencies, including ‘essential’ criteria. There may be out of date terminology or information. For example, an overuse of the term “adults at risk” without an understanding of meeting the needs of all adults.

The evidence you provided may not be sufficiently adult focused, or it may be inappropriately adapted from resources originally aimed at safeguarding children.

Once you have had a chance to read through your assessment feedback, we will support you to address the areas identified as ‘Not Met’, with the aim of resubmitting to The Framework within 18 months.

How often do I need to complete The Framework?

Revisiting your action plan should be an ongoing process.

If you have been reviewed as being at Met or Conditionally Met, then you must resubmit to The Framework process within a three year period.

We are currently looking at the support we can deliver within this three year timeline, including an interim review process. We will confirm the details of what this will look like in due course.

Do you inform our funders of the outcome of our submission?

We will only tell the funders that you have completed the submission.


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