What is a Safer Culture?

Unhealthy and toxic cultures in sport and activity increase the risk of abuse and negatively impact welfare, safety and wellbeing.

What is a safer culture?

A safer culture is where this doesn’t happen. We believe the foundations of a safer culture are to:

  • Listen
    An environment where everyone is confident their concerns are welcomed, listened to and addressed appropriately.
  • Learn
    Where organisations encourage continuous learning and reflection at all levels. Applying this to improve and adapt.
  • Lead
    Organisations should lead by example to empower everyone with the confidence to challenge and instigate change.

What is an unhealthy or toxic culture?

An unhealthy or toxic culture is one where individuals fear speaking up, that serious complaints will be dismissed and brushed under the carpet while inappropriate behaviour is ignored.

Values that underpin safer cultures

While all organisations will have their own set of values, we believe organisations that positively promote safer cultures follow similar values. For example, an environment where everyone:

  1. Has the right to have fun and be safe from harm and abuse
  2. Is treated with respect and dignity
  3. Feels valued and treated equally
  4. Has a say – their voice is listened to, welcomed and encouraged
  5. Has the chance to thrive
  6. Is empowered to recognise and report concerns without fear or judgment
  7. Knows concerns are actively followed up and taken seriously
  8. Has the right to organisational transparency, honesty, integrity and fairness
  9. Is offered equal opportunities
  10. Is encouraged to, and has the opportunity to, learn, reflect and improve


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