#SaferCultureSaferSport Podcast

We have created a new podcast series as part of our #SaferCultureSaferSport campaign to help sport and activity organisations create cultures where welfare, safety and wellbeing is at the heart of values and actions.

In each episode your host, Nicola Dean, will meet with a special guest to talk about the importance of culture in sport. This will include information on what organisations can do to create safer cultures, as well as stories from athletes and sport and activity organisations across the UK.

Episode 1: #SaferCultureSafer Sport Launch

Nicola chats with the ACT Safeguarding Adults in Sport team about the Safer Culture, Safer Sport Campaign.

The team discuss what we mean when we talk about “safer cultures”, and how such a culture can help prevent abuse. They also talk about the three Ls that will help anyone embed a safer culture in their organisation: listen, learn, lead.

Episode 2: How to Create a Safer Culture in your Club

Nicola chats with Lisa Curtis, Deputy CEO at the Ann Craft Trust following the first #SaferCultureSaferSport seminar.

They discuss what we mean when we talk about “safer cultures”, how we know whether a culture is safe and tips to take back to your organisation to help you start to effect positive change.