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We’ve called it “Safeguarding Matters”, for two reasons. First, we plan to discuss all things safeguarding. Second, safeguarding certainly does matter!

In each episode your host, Nicola Dean, will meet with a special guest to chat about some aspect of safeguarding.

Do you work in safeguarding? Whether with adults, children, or in sport, we’d like to hear from you! If you want to appear on our podcast to bring light to an issue close to you, get in touch.

  • Episode 19: The Warm and Welcoming Community of Flyerz Hockey

    In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, Nicola talks to Francis Bridgeman, the head of Tunbridge Wells Flyerz.

    This is a hockey club for people with physical or learning disabilities or difficulties. Francis first launched the club in 2017. Five or six people turned up to the first session. Now the club has around 25 members, and the whole thing feels like a close-knit family.

  • Episode 16: Predatory Marriage

    Lisa Curtis talks to Daphne Franks, Communication Skills Teacher at Leeds Medical School, about Predatory Marriage. Lisa and Daphne discuss the definition of Predatory Marriage – a term that may be unfamiliar to many. Daphne then tells her story, and offers some advice for anyone who might suspect that one of their relatives has become a victim of Predatory Marriage.

  • Episode 15: A Chat With Charlotte Gilmartin About the Pressures Elite Athletes Face

    Winter Olympian Charlotte Gilmartin talks to Nicola Dean about the considerable pressures of performing at an elite level. Charlotte talks about how the “hunger” of being an elite athlete makes happiness and contentment effectively impossible. The constant pressure to be your best is not conducive to mental and physical wellbeing. Often, the drive to win can directly contradict the six principles of adult safeguarding.

  • Episode 14: ACT & The CPSU

    Nicola chats with Nick Slinn from the CPSU, and ACT CEO Deborah Kitson about a long and fruitful partnership. ACT and the CPSU have been working together for some years now to help spread awareness and best practice about safeguarding in sport. Here they talk about how the partnership came to be, before exploring why the work they’re doing is so important. They also spend some time discussing what the future might hold for this partnership.

  • Episode 13: Safeguarding Elite Athletes In Sport


    Nicola Dean talks to our new Safeguarding Adults in Sport Manager Kimberley Walsh – who’s here to focus on safeguarding elite athletes in sport. Kimberley’s a former elite athlete, so she’s well-placed to lead this new project. In this podcast, she talks to Nicola about her background and her plans for her role. She also explains the difference between Sport England and UK Sport.

  • Episode 12: We Matter Too!

    In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, Nicola talks to Safeguarding Children & Young People lead Sarah Goff about the project. Sarah talks about how the project came together, and also shares some of the key insights from the report.

  • Episode 10: Disability and Hate Crime

    In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, ACT Safeguarding Adults Lead Lisa Curtis talks to Buse Ucanlar, a University of Nottingham Politics and International Relations student.

  • Episode 8: Safeguarding Disabled Young People

    In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, your host Nicola talks to Sarah Goff, the safeguarding young people lead at the Ann Craft Trust.In this podcast, she argues that we must pay attention to young people’s voices, views and experience when shaping safeguarding policies.

  • Episode 7: Forced Marriage of People with Learning Disabilities

    In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, Nicola talks to associate professor Rachel Clawson about the forced marriage of people with learning disabilities. They discuss why forced marriage might happen, and why people with learning disabilities are particularly at risk.

  • Episode 6: Making Safeguarding Personal

    In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, Laura Thorpe talks to ACT’s adult safeguarding lead Lisa Curtis about Making Safeguarding Personal. They explore the thinking behind the concept, and talk about how these principles might work in practice.

  • Episode 4: What is the Mental Capacity Act?

    In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, Laura Thorpe talks to ACT’s safeguarding adults lead Lisa Curtis about the MCA. They talk about the key principles of the act, and who it applies to. They also discuss more detailed aspects of the MCA, such as lasting powers of attorney and the need for the “least restrictive” option in every decision.

  • Episode 3: The Sport & Activity Safeguarding Seminar

    After an invigorating day, the ACT safeguarding adults team, Nicola Dean, Lisa Curtis and Ieuan Watkins, came together to reflect on a very successful seminar. We also took this opportunity to welcome Laura Thorpe, our brand new Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity Manager!

  • Episode 1: Who Was Ann Craft?

    To kick off our new podcast, Nicola spoke to ACT CEO Deborah Kitson. They talk about Ann, her values, and her legacy. It’s a warm chat about the history of ACT and our hopes for the future.