Organisations should lead by example to empower everyone with the confidence to challenge and instigate change. Part of this includes ensuring they have the correct policies and procedures in place to minimise the risk of harm and to respond effectively should concerns be raised.

Throughout the #SaferCultureSaferSport campaign, we have promoted the foundations of a safer culture. Safer cultures:

  • Listen
    An environment where everyone is confident their concerns are welcomed, listened to and addressed appropriately.
    Find out how your organisation can listen
  • Learn
    Where organisations encourage continuous learning and reflection at all levels in order to create and embed a safer culture.
    Find out how your organisation can learn
  • Lead
    Organisations should lead with positive actions and values to empower everyone with the confidence to challenge and instigate change.

As part of the #SaferCultureSaferSport campaign, we are asking organisations to lead by example. Find out how your organisation can lead more effectively.


Ways your organisation can lead

We have brought together a number of resources to help your organisation lead more effectively. As part of the #SaferCultureSaferSport campaign we will continue to create more helpful guidance.


Lead by example

To develop safer cultures, where everyone feels respected and empowered, it is essential that people in positions of power lead by example. This means that coaches, volunteers, trustees and owners should all consider how their action affect the entire organisational culture. Leading my example means:

  • Everyone should behave according to safer culture values
  • Treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • Being honest, open and transparent
  • Regular communication of up-to-date information within the organisation
  • Reflect on your own behaviour and conduct


Check your knowledge and practices

Safeguarding adults is a responsibility for every sport and physical activity organisation. Making sure you’re aware of your organisation’s safeguarding knowledge and practices is essential for working towards a safer culture.

  • Safeguarding Checklist
    A free safeguarding self-assessment for all sport and activity organisations which allows you to test your individual or organisational safeguarding knowledge and practices. On completion, you will receive a tailored report with the responses and a unique link to additional learning resources and materials.
    Find out more about the Safeguarding Checklist
  • Safeguarding in Sport Framework
    A formal set of standards of safeguarding adults for National Governing Bodies, Active Partnerships and other national sport and physical activity associations.. The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework is an audit tool designed to enable sports organisations to have their safeguarding policy and practices professionally assessed against a national safeguarding standards framework.
    Find out more about the Safeguarding Adults Framework

Policies & procedures

Your safeguarding adults policy and procedures should be the guidance you need to handle and respond to safeguarding concerns appropriately, as well as continue improving as an organisation. Correct and effective policies and procedures are designed to minimise the risk of harm, to respond effectively should concerns be raised and ensure that staff and volunteers have the appropriate safeguarding knowledge.

Find out more about policies and procedures with our Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity Policy & Procedures Template.


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