Safer Culture Safer Sport Online Seminar Series

As part of our #SaferCultureSaferSport campaign, we’re running a series of online seminars focusing on how organisations can improve their cultures and the welfare of their participants, staff and volunteers.

We will keep this page updated with the latest #SaferCultureSaferSport online seminars.

Up-coming Seminars

Monday 12th June 2023 – Bystander Intervention – What Is It, and How Do You Intervene Safely?

This seminar will start a conversation with individuals & organisations about what a bystander is & how bystanders can intervene to help prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG).

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Past Seminars


Tuesday 7th February 2023 – Embedding Active Listening in your Sport and Activity Organisation

This online workshop will explore how we can make active listening part of our daily practice. We will discuss the importance of listening to those we work with, and how we can develop our active listening skills. This seminar is for anyone who wants to create organisational change in their sport and activity setting, whether at a national, county, local or club level.


Thursday 16th June 2022 – Leading Culture Change

The seminar will be presented by the British Paralympic Association’s Director of Sport, Penny Briscoe OBE as well as Head of Athlete Services, Clare Cunningham. It will share a leaders perspective and explore how the British Paralympic Association became a person-centred organisation by focusing on creating a positive team experience.

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Tuesday 26th April 2022 – From Recommendations to Actions: Embedding Learning into Practice

In this seminar we will discuss how organisations can create a culture of learning. We will be exploring learning and key findings from past inquiries in the sport sector, reflect on actions to facilitate best practice and minimise the risk of harm.

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Wednesday 13th October 2021 – What Makes a Safer Culture?

In this seminar we will discuss how organisational culture forms the basis for achieving best practice in safeguarding. This will challenge you to move beyond compliance, or a ‘tick box’ approach to safeguarding in sport and activity. Instead, you can work towards recognising challenges and critiquing your own organisational culture.

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Friday 3rd December 2021 – What Makes an Inclusive Culture?

This seminar led by Disability Sport Wales will discuss how creating an inclusive Culture within your organisation can help achieve best practice in safeguarding. The aim is to challenge our understanding of inclusive environments, to look inwards at our own organisation and its practices, ensuring that inclusive mindsets are embedded throughout.

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