It is important that organisations, and individuals within them, take the time to learn from safeguarding incidents and reflect on what actions could be altered in the future to facilitate best practice and minimise the risk of harm.

Throughout the #SaferCultureSaferSport campaign, we have promoted the foundations of a safer culture. Safer cultures:

  • Listen
    An environment where everyone is confident their concerns are welcomed, listened to and addressed appropriately.
    Find out how your organisation can listen
  • Learn
    Where organisations encourage continuous learning and reflection at all levels in order to create and embed a safer culture.
  • Lead
    Organisations should lead with positive actions and values to empower everyone with the confidence to challenge and instigate change.
    Find out how your organisation can lead

As part of the #SaferCultureSaferSport campaign, we are asking organisations to create a culture of learning. Find out how your organisation can learn more effectively.


Ways your organisation can learn

We have brought together a number of resources to help your organisation learn more effectively. As part of the #SaferCultureSaferSport campaign we will continue to create more helpful guidance.


Encourage continuous learning

A learning organisation encourages and facilitates continual learning from actions and approaches. Organisations can help to build this by creating processes with time for reflection. Processes should include steps to problem solve, evaluate success and result in action or feeding the learning back into the process for next time.

It is essential that organisations take the time to learn from safeguarding incidents. This will include exploring and reflecting on what actions could be altered in the future to facilitate best practice and minimise the risk of harm.


Learn from others

To effectively learn from safeguarding incidents, it is essential that organisations learn what these look like and solutions or reflections that others have already had. We have a number of resources available to help your organisation learn about your role in safeguarding, and how you can learn from others:

  • What is safeguarding adults in sport?
    It is essential to ensure all of your committee members, leaders, coaches, members and participants understand the foundations of implementing the policy and how to spot and act upon concerns. We have worked with Club Matters to provide you with an introduction to safeguarding adults.
    Watch the introduction video to Safeguarding Adults In Sport
  • How do the six principles of safeguarding apply to sport?
    The Care Act outlines six principles of adult safeguarding. But how can these be applied in a sports and activity setting? In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, Nicola Dean and Laura Thorpe explore The Care Act in a sport and activity context.
    Listen to the How to Apply the Six Principles of Adult Safeguarding to Sports and Activity Podcast
  • Safeguarding adults in sport update
    Sign up to our safeguarding adults in sport update to receive your monthly email with the latest safeguarding adults in sport news, resources and events.
    Find out more about the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Update
  • Safeguarding adults in sport and activity resource pack
    A resources pack created with the purpose of assisting sport and activity organisations to achieve best practice in safeguarding including information about what safeguarding is, policies and procedures and information and advice.
    Find out more about the Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity Resources Pack



Help your organisation learn more about everyone’s role in safeguarding adults in sport. We have developed a self-led online course for welfare officers and safeguarding leads, but it’s also ideal for volunteers with safeguarding responsibilities in sport, leisure and activity clubs.

The course covers the essential criteria for setting out policy, practice and procedures in a club environment in England and include links to further information for all four nations.

Find out more about our safeguarding elearning courses.


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