This is a short, hour long team training course that you can host yourself.

If you have any questions about running this course, please get in touch.

Aim – to provide an introduction to safeguarding adults in sport.

You will need – Access to wi-fi and a screen, flipchart paper and pens.

Before the session

Complete the online safeguarding adults checklist.

Read the introduction to Safeguarding Adults Week.

Session plan

15 mins: What makes you feel safe? 

5 minute individual reflection then 10 minute group discussion.

Pose the question in the discussion ‘what might you do if the things that make you safe are not in place?’ For example, if you don’t have a job, you could be more vulnerable to being coerced into illegal activities. If you didn’t have a safe family you might get involved in gangs. Also explore the idea that policies and procedures don’t make people feel safer. It is the settings, circumstances, and people we come into contact with.

10 mins: Why is safeguarding children and adults not the same?

Ask people for ideas. Watch this 2 minute film. Emphasise that safeguarding adults is about making safeguarding personal, making sure that their views and needs are at the centre. Who would want to have safeguarding done to them?

15 mins: What are the types of harm for adults?

Ask people to try to list them. Where are the similarities with children? Watch the 5 minute film that describes the 10 types of harm named in the Care Act, or print off the list. What might you see in your setting?

10 mins: What do we do to create a safe culture for everyone attending?

Where are the gaps? Create a safeguarding action plan to address the gaps. Gives some ideas of areas to think about.

10 mins: Watch the Club Matters film. Any questions?

This summarises the session and gives tips for safeguarding adults in clubs.


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