Get Support If You or Someone You Know is a Victim of Financial Abuse

Financial abuse take many forms. It’s a type of abuse that can start off small and is often hard to detect.

Financial abuse can involve:

  • Someone taking or misusing someone else’s money or belongings for their own gain.
  • Intentionally harming, depriving, or placing someone at a disadvantage.
  • Controlling someone’s purchases or access to money.

Financial abuse is often accompanied by other forms of abuse, such as stalking, or even sexual exploitation. Plus, it does not always involve a crime such as theft or fraud. It can be much more subtle than that.

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Get Support With Financial Abuse – Key Resources

Below are some organisations that can support you if you, or someone you know, is a victim of financial abuse.

If you are in immediate danger, or you wish to report a crime, please contact the police on 999.

  • Cifas offers guidance on preventing economic crimes and offers a service whereby they will contact you if any loan or credit applications are made in your name. Please note that they charge money for this service.
  • Citizen’s Advice offers free impartial advice and support of a range of issues.
  • ACAS aims to improve the working life of employees and employers. You can get free employee advice on 0800 4700617
  • Turn2us is a national charity that provides practical information and support to people facing income shocks and financial insecurity .
  • The All State Foundation has many tools to promote financial security.
  • Action Fraud offer support to victims of scams. Call them on 0300 1232040.
  • Hourglass provides information and support to older people or anyone concerned about an older person who is at risk of, experiencing or recovering from any form of abuse or neglect. Call them on 0808 808 8141.
  • County Lines – National Crime Agency lead the UK fight against organised crime, including county lines.

Understanding Financial Abuse