Helping people control their finances while recognising the risks of financial abuse.

This course includes information, interactive tasks, videos, and quizzes to help the learner understand more about financial capability, along with the risks of financial abuse and exploitation. It also provides some guidance on how we can safeguard ourselves against these risks.

The course covers:

  • Financial capability and numeracy skills
  • Financial, economic and material abuse
  • Grooming and exploitation
  • Tips to protect yourself.
  • Further resources and places for support.

Module 1Recognising Financial and Economic Abuse

This module describes financial and economic abuse based on the relevant legislation. It also draws from subject matter experts, videos, and case studies to help individuals recognise this abuse.

Module 2 Understanding Financial Capability

This module describes the steps one can take to increase financial capability. It includes tips to help participants work towards financial capability while protecting themselves from financial abuse.

Conclusion – How We Can Improve Our Financial Capability

This section provides a summary of the course content, with some additional comments from subject matter experts. It also includes a list of useful resources and helpful contacts, for anyone who needs any support or additional information.

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