Download Your Safeguarding Adults Week Resources Now

National Safeguarding Adults Week 2019

Safeguarding Adults Week 2019 will take place 18-24 November.

Download and print your Safeguarding Adults Week Poster!

Each day of the week we’ll focus on a different safeguarding theme.

To help you prepare for the event, we’ve gathered a number of resources for each theme.

We designed these resources to spark conversations, and to help spread our message on social media.

We’ll be adding more resources in the coming weeks. So watch this space for updates!

Modern Slavery

An introduction to modern slavery. Read it here.

A modern slavery fact-sheet. Download here.

BBC Panorama – The Hunt for Britain’s Slave Gangs. Watch it here. documents and resources. Find them here.

Modern Slavery survivor stories from Unseen UK. Read them here.

The Modern Slavery Helpline. Learn more.


An introduction to self-neglect. Read it here.

A self-neglect fact-sheet. Download here.

Self-neglect at a glance, by SCIE. Read it here.

Symptoms and signs, by Medicine Net. Learn more.

Living with self-neglect, with case studies. Learn more.

Domestic Abuse

An introduction to domestic abuse. Read it here.

A domestic abuse fact sheet. Download here.

We Matter Too! New ACT project that addresses the needs of young people facing domestic abuse. Learn more.

Disability and Domestic Abuse: Risk, Impacts and Response. Public Health England report. Read it here.

Disabled Survivors Too: Disabled People and Domestic Abuse. SafeLives report. Read it here.

Transforming Care

Norman Lamb MP’s video introduction to transforming care. Watch it here.

Transforming care fact sheet. Download here.

A guide to organisation abuse. Read it here.

BBC Panorama Undercover Hospital Abuse Scandal: A response. Read it here.

What really happens behind closed doors? Learn more.

Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity

Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity Resources Pack. Download here.

Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity fact sheet. Download here.

The Essential Guide to Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity. Download here.

Get the ACT Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity monthly update. Sign up here.

The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework. Learn more.

General Safeguarding Resources

The Safeguarding Essentials. Learn more.

The ACT Safeguarding Matters podcast. Listen here.

NSPCC Safeguarding podcast. Listen here.

A guide to common conditions. Learn more.

Glossary of terms and definitions. Learn more.

The 14 types of abuse, with signs and symptoms. Learn more.

A directory of organisations and useful contacts. Learn more.