Transforming Care: How Long Do We Have to Wait?

Norman Lamb MP

Norman Lamb MP prepared a video introduction to the 2018 Ann Craft Trust Seminar.

Watch the video in full below.

Lamb compiled a Department of Health report called Transforming Care: A National Response to Winterbourne View Hospital.

“The scandal that unfolded at Winterbourne View is devastating,” he wrote.

“Like many, I felt shock, anger, dismay and deep regret that vulnerable people were treated in such an unacceptable way. The serious concerns raised by their families were ignored by the authorities for too long.

“This in-depth review was set up in the immediate aftermath of the Panorama programme in May 2011. It is about the lessons we must learn and the actions we must take to prevent abuse from happening again.

“It is also about promoting a culture that actively challenges poor practice and promotes compassionate care across the system.”

How Long Do We Have to Wait?

We were honoured to receive Lamb’s contribution to our 2018 Seminar.

In his video introduction, he touched upon his experiences at Winterbourne and other institutions. He then gave an update on the progress that has been made in transforming care.

“What is really shocking,” he says, “is that almost nothing has changed.

“Because this is a scandal. It’s a historic abuse of people’s rights, so it has to end.

“There is an overwhelming moral case to end it now.”

So how long do we have to wait?

You can watch the video here:

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