Do You Have a Training Plan For Your Sport and Activity Organisation?

Do You Have a Training Plan For Your Sport and Activity Organisation

As part of the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework, you need to evidence how your organisation ensures staff and volunteers at all levels have a good knowledge of their safeguarding duties and responsibilities.

This includes ensuring all roles receive the right level of safeguarding adult training.

By developing an organisation wide training plan, you can map out and keep track of who needs what, and when.

The Ann Craft Trust has a training pathway you can follow, which will help guide you in the right direction. We recommend using this to help develop and implement your plan.

Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Training

We have a number of training course options available with dates scheduled through the year, catering for a variety of roles.

These include:

  • Introductory Training – eLearning suitable for everyone involved in sport and activity
  • Essentials Training – Specifically for sport and activity club welfare officers.
  • Advanced Training – For those involved in sport and activity who have a direct role and responsibility for receiving and managing safeguarding adult concerns and referrals.
  • Board Training – For those involved in sport and activity at managerial, board or senior level.

When you are making your training plan, it is also important to consider:

  • How you will communicate training requirements and ensure appropriate training is completed.
  • How you include your training in the induction process for staff and volunteers.
  • Whether the training you use meets your organisations objectives, and the content is of a sufficient standard.
  • How you will keep a record of all training completed.
  • How you can assess the impact of the training received to make sure it was effective.
  • Whether safeguarding adults is threaded through other complimentary training courses such as equality, diversity and inclusion.

If you ensure that sufficient knowledge and understanding of adult safeguarding is maintained throughout your organisation, you will meet one of the key requirements of the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework. You will also be helping make your sport or activity a safer place for everyone involved.

Have Your Club Welfare Officers Completed Safeguarding Adult Training?

Make sure to pass on information about the following upcoming Ann Craft Trust Essentials training courses aimed specifically at Club Welfare Officers.

Places are still available on the following dates in 2023:

Cost: £45 per person

Venue: Online

Keep an eye out for more dates coming in 2024!

If you would like to run a closed course specifically for your organisation’s Club Welfare Officers, please contact to arrange. Prices start at £450 for between 6-12 people.