We are a national charity which exists to minimise the risk of abuse of adults.

In 1992, the National Association for the Protection from Sexual Abuse of Adults and Children with Learning Disabilities (NAPSAC) was established by Dr Ann Craft. The Ann Craft Trust has come a long way since and has grown to help safeguard more people as a result.

About the Ann Craft Trust

The Ann Craft Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1086592 ) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 4080805).

Our Vision, Mission Statement, and Strategic Plan

Organisation Structure

Find out more about the Ann Craft Trust Team.

How we are funded

Each year we release a combined document of our Annual Report & Accounts which includes:

  • Chair of Trustees’ Report
  • Chief Executive Officers’ Report
  • Annual Accounts
  • Independent Examiner’s Report on the Accounts
  • A Summary of Key Activities and Projects
  • Organisation Structure

Annual Report & Accounts 2022-2023 (PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2021-2022 (PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2020-2021 (PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2019-2020 (PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2018-2019 (PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2017-2018 (PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2016-2017 (PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2015-2016 (PDF)

Annual Report & Accounts 2014-2015 (PDF)

AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes 2023 (PDF)

Board of Trustees

Find more more about the Ann Craft Trust Team, Board of Trustees and Management Committee.

Trustee Roles and Responsibilities Policy (PDF)

Board of Trustees Code of Conduct & Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)

Board of Trustee Financial Controls Policy (PDF)

Governance Documents & Policies

As a Partner of the University of Nottingham, we comply with the University of Nottingham’s Policies:

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