A Very Short Guide to The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

What to Expect From the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework.

Are you planning on completing the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework soon? If you’re not sure what information you will need to submit, you may find the following useful!

The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework – The Essentials

  • Once you register, you will have six weeks to complete your submission.
  • You will be asked to indicate where and how you meet the criteria for each of the six themes.
  • This can be done by either uploading relevant documents as evidence, or through providing written information – or both. For each section of the Framework, there’s a text box entitled “Describe how you meet this criteria”. This is where you can add your written evidence.
  • You will also have the opportunity to enter details of any actions or future developments planned for each criteria along with a date for completion.

What sort of evidence are we looking for? Read our guide here.

What Happens Next?

Once you have completed the Framework, an assessor will review your submission. They’ll then provide a summary report, along with a rating to indicate how well you have met the criteria.

If you provided information within the Action Plan boxes, we’ll include them in your summary. This will form an action plan for you to continue your great work.

You can find lots more guidance and information about the Framework on our website, including a User Guide and an FAQ.

If you’ve any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.