UK Disability History Month 2022

Disability History Month will take place between 16 November and 16 December 2022. 

Disability History Month aims to celebrate the lives of people with a disability, challenge disablism and achieve equality for people with a disability. In 2022, the campaign will focus on the theme ‘Disability, Health and Well Being’.

It is estimated that one in five people in the UK have a disability (Scope, 2019).

How can you support Disability History Month?

  • Attend the Disability History Month online launch on Thursday 17 November.
  • Share resources and information about the week on social media, in your place of work or education, or in your community.
  • Check out the free resources created by the Disability History Month campaign.
  • You can follow the conversation about Disability History Month on Twitter using the hashtag #UKDHM. 


There is a range of resources available online that will help you to share information and support Disability History Month. We have shared a few of these resources below.

  • The NHS have created an infographic to help people learn more about what a disability is and how organisations can support people with disabilities in the workplace.
  • Homeless Link, a charity that supports homeless people, has developed a new toolkit to enable homelessness services to better recognise and support people with learning disabilities.
  • Disability Rights have produced a range of factsheets to provide basic information about benefits, tax credits, social care and other disability related issues for claimants and advisers.
  • Listen to the Ann Craft Trust podcast where Sarah Goff and Nadine Tilbury discuss best practice when supporting parents with learning disabilities.
  • The Transformative Toolkit explains how practitioners can effectively support people with learning disabilities who are subjected to domestic abuse.
  • Scope’s ‘End the Awkward’ campaign aims to help people feel more comfortable in discussing disability.