The Transform Toolkit: Improving Support for People With Learning Difficulties Experiencing Abuse

Transform Toolkit Learning Disabilities Domestic Abuse

“If you get it right for people with a learning disability you get it right for everyone”

Carmarthenshire County Council, with funding from Lloyds Bank Foundation, have produced a toolkit to support people with learning disabilities experiencing domestic abuse.

The toolkit features accessible information to help people with a learning disability identify and escape domestic abuse.

The toolkit uses a traffic light system to denote different types of information. Red denotes vital information, amber important information, and green more personal “holistic” information. This system should make it possible for some people with learning disabilities to understand the information intuitively.

In the introduction to the toolkit, the team says:

We do not consider this toolkit to be the definitive accessible guide to domestic abuse. Rather, we hope it can provide a basis for to support accessibility, discussion, collaborative work and development.

Download the Toolkit here.

Learn More About Learning Disabilities and Domestic Abuse

We Matter Too is a project that addresses the needs of disabled young people facing domestic abuse.

Lloyds Bank Foundation funded the project as part of a series of projects looking at domestic violence.

It explored gaps in domestic abuse service provisions and awareness of practitioners working with disabled young people, as identified by SafeLives and Women’s Aid. ACT, in partnership with Anita Franklin at Coventry University, carried out work that specifically addresses the needs of young disabled people.

Read the executive summary here.

Access the full We Matter Too report here.