Safeguarding Adults Week 2020 – Key Themes and Areas of Focus

Safeguarding Adults Week 2020

Safeguarding Adults Week 2020 will take place 16 – 22 November.

Each day of the week we’ll focus on a different safeguarding theme. These themes are broad, and each one covers many different areas of focus.

Plus, these themes are not exhaustive. Our aim is to highlight certain causes, and to start some vital conversations. But if you want to use Safeguarding Adults Week to talk about a different aspect of safeguarding, please do so!

We’d love to hear about your plans for this year’s Safeguarding Adults Week. And don’t forget to use our #SafeguardingAdultsWeek hashtag when posting to social media!

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Safeguarding Adults Week 2020 – Key Themes

Monday – Safeguarding and Wellbeing 

There’s a strong link between safeguarding and mental and physical wellbeing. In short, if someone’s wellbeing is suffering, they may consider certain actions that put them at risk.  We also know that the experience of and neglect has a negative effect on our lives. We’ll fully explore this link between safeguarding and wellbeing. We’ll also share advice and resources that’ll help you keep your wellbeing in check, and to look out for your friends, your family, and others.

Tuesday – Adult Grooming

Grooming is a form of abuse that involves manipulating someone until they’re isolated, dependent, and more vulnerable to exploitation. We’ve already produced a short introduction to this issue. But we’ll be exploring the topic of adult grooming in greater depth in the coming months.

Wednesday – Understanding Safeguarding Legislation

All safeguarding matters are governed by certain legislation, including The Care Act and The Mental Capacity Act, Social Services and Wellbeing Act (Wales), Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act. In the resources section of our site, you’ll find an overview of numerous relevant laws and initiatives. But how well do you really understand safeguarding legislation? In the coming months we aim to demystify safeguarding legislation with primers, resources, and more. And during Safeguarding Adults Week 2020, we’ll focus on a major change to safeguarding legislation – the transition from DoLS to LPS.

Thursday – Creating Safer Places

This is a focus on safeguarding at a grassroots level. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. So we’re looking at ways everyone, from all walks of life, can help make the places they live, work and play safer for everyone. We’re asking you to consider: “What’s my role in safeguarding?”

Friday – Organisational Abuse

Organisational abuse includes neglect and poor care practice within a specific care setting. This could be a hospital or a care home, but also the care you receive in your own home. We’ve already prepared a short primer to organisational abuse. During safeguarding adults week, we’ll take a closer look at the Transforming Care agenda. We’ll also share the results of certain new studies of abuse in care settings.

Saturday – Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity

Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity remains one of our three main areas of focus as a charity. Once again, we’ll devote a day of Safeguarding Adults Week to all things sport and activity. We encourage sport and activity organisations across the UK to get involved! Together, we can make sport and activity safer and more accessible for everyone.

Sunday – Safeguarding in Your Community

The overriding theme of Safeguarding Adults Week 2020? We all have a responsibility to be there for each other, and to look out for each other. On the final day of the week, we aim to organise small coffee mornings and virtual events across the country. We want communities to come together and to recognise our shared responsibilities towards keeping each other safe. Watch this space for more information!

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