DoLS and the MCA – Safeguarding Matters

What is DoLS

Everything you ever wanted to know about DoLS!

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) are an aspect of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA).

Sometimes the restrictions placed upon a person who lacks capacity may amount to “deprivation of liberty”.

Where it appears a deprivation of liberty might happen, the provider of care – usually a hospital or a care home – must apply to their local authority.

The deprivation of liberty may be in the best interests of the individual. So the local authority will arrange an assessment of the person’s care and treatment.

In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, Laura Thorpe talks to ACT’s adult safeguarding lead Lisa Curtis about DoLS. They talk about situations that could constitute DoLS, and the sort of factors to consider when making a decision.

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