Safeguarding Adults in Unregulated and Unaffiliated Sport and Activity – Safeguarding Matters

Safeguarding Adults in Unregulated Sport and Activity

Nicola chats to Catherine Sykes, ACT’s new Safeguarding Adults in Unregulated Sport Officer.

What is unregulated sport? Some might say that technically all sport is unregulated. So Catherine begins by explaining just what we mean when we say “unregulated sport and activity”. She also explains what we mean by “unaffiliated”.

Essentially, Catherine is here to support grassroots sports clubs, as well as sport and activity organisations in fields such as eSports and wrestling.

Catherine explains the sort of support she can offer to such sport and activity organisations, and outlines what she intends to achieve in her new role.

Listen below.

You can learn more about Catherine and her new role here.

If you have any questions for Catherine, or if you’d like to know how she can support you, please get in touch.