Make 2023 the Year You Embed Safer Cultures in Your Organisation

The campaign aims to help sport & activity organisations create safer cultures.

First launched in 2021, this campaign helps sport organisations create cultures where welfare, safety & wellbeing are at the heart of values & actions.

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2022: The first year of the Campaign

Raising Awareness of the Importance of Safer Cultures

We celebrated the first year of the Safer Culture Safer Sport campaign in 2022. In the first year of the campaign we:

  • Reached 3 million on social media, with 1,800 interactions and 1,300 shares
  • Ran 4 events with 253 unique attendees on what safer cultures are and how to make and embed a safer culture into your organisation.
  • Produced 9 podcasts with 829 plays including interviews and summaries of the events for those who could not attend. To catch up on the latest episodes, see the Safer Culture Safer Sport Podcast.
  • Had 8,052 views of campaign-related content on the Ann Craft Trust website, including campaign blogs and the new resources we’ve published such as the ‘Culture in Clubs & Groups: Self-Evaluation’ and ‘How to Talk about Culture: Conversations Starters’.


2023: The second year of the Campaign

Embedding Safer Cultures into Your Organisation

We’re now into the second year of the campaign which will continue through most of 2023. This year we’re focused on embedding safer cultures, so we’ve already started and will continue to offer:

  • New events and workshops focused on embedding safer cultures into your organisations. You can see all up-coming events on our Safer Sport Safer Cultures Events page – or sign up to get exclusive and early access of latest events.
  • New resources and podcasts with more practical advice and information on what you can do to effectively embed a safer culture.
    See our resources about safer cultures.
  • Organisation stories and conversations about culture so we can listen and share challenges and success stories when embedding a safer culture for everyone within an organisation.
    Would you like to share your organisation’s experience? Tell us your challenges or successes using the hashtag #SaferCultureSaferSport, or get in touch to discuss how we can spread your message.


The Change Champions

The Change Champions is a group of representatives from across the sport and activity sector who support us to spread the #SaferSportSaferCulture message. The Change Champions met throughout 2022 and will continue to meet as we head into 2023.

There have been interesting discussions around how to look at culture and create change. They have resulted in the members considering safeguarding questions at every opportunity, such as when discussing a project at team meetings.

The Change Champions have helped us to develop our resources about safer cultures to make them as useful and applicable to organisations as possible.


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