We are Supporting Safer Internet Day 2021!

This year Safer Internet Day is taking place on Tuesday 9 February 2021. The theme is ‘Together for a Better Internet’.

The pandemic has resulted in a large proportion of our lives being spent in online spaces. Therefore, it is more important than ever to come together to raise awareness of staying safe online.

To mark Safer Internet Day, we are discussing digital safeguarding and linking to resources to help you and the people you support stay safe online.

Digital Safeguarding

At the Ann Craft Trust, we often refer to digital safeguarding.

Digital safeguarding refers to taking proactive steps to prevent harm and abuse from occurring online. Good digital safeguarding practice means you’ll know what to do if harm or abuse ever takes place online: who to contact, what to tell them, and how to help the person who’s experienced abuse.

We have put together a detailed resource about digital safeguarding which includes a range of information about how to stay safe online whether you are delivering online sessions, a parent or a young person using the internet.

Staying Safe Online- Resources

There are also a range of excellent resources available on the Ann Craft Trust site and beyond that can support you in staying safe online. We have listed some of them below.

  • Safer Internet has developed online safety tips for educators teaching remotely.
  • Safer Internet have developed tips for parents about how to support the safety of children and young people online.
  • Parents Protect work to prevent child sexual abuse. They have created an online child sexual abuse and exploitation awareness learning programme for parents, carers and professionals.
  • Online games can allow users across the globe to have one on one conversations with another. This could put young people and adults at risk of grooming and exploitation. It is important to have regular conversations with young people about their activity online and inform them to tell someone if they have experienced conversation online that has made them feel uncomfortable. You can report any concerns to Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command.
  • Explore our discussion about the importance of safeguarding in e-sports.
  • Learn more about how sports and activity organisations can keep participants safe when delivering activities online.

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