Sport & Activity During Lockdown & Beyond – Safeguarding Matters

Safeguarding Matters - Sport During Lockdown and Beyond

How Do People Feel Sports & Activity Organisations are Responding to Lockdown?

Nicola talks to Abra Millar. She’s an independent consultant who helped us study how the sport and activity sector reacted to lockdown restrictions.

Abra designed two surveys. One was for sports and activity organisations, the other was for sports and activity participants. She asked many questions: Have they changed their priorities? Have they amended their safeguarding policies, for example?

Abra’s surveys also helped us see just what participants want from their sport and activity organisations during lockdown. What are sports and activity organisations doing well? And what sort of needs are they perhaps failing to meet?

In this podcast, Abra talks about her methodology, and discusses what her findings reveal about the UK sport and activity community. Even as the country comes out of lockdown, there are still many invaluable lessons here!

Listen below:

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