Sports & Activity Organisations – Here’s How You Can Support Your Members & Volunteers During Lockdown

Safeguarding in Sports Lockdown

Our survey results offer valuable insights and lots of practical advice for sports and activity organisations.

We recently ran two surveys. One was for sports and activity organisations, the other was for sports and activity participants. We surveyed 82 sport and activity organisations and 504 participants.

We wanted to find out how sport and activity organisations are coping with Covid-19 lockdown. Have they changed their priorities? Have they amended their safeguarding policies, for example?

We also wanted to find out just what participants want from their sport and activity organisations during lockdown. What are sports and activity organisations doing well? And what sort of needs are they currently failing to meet?

So our survey results offer valuable insights into just how lockdown’s affected sport and activity in the UK. They also offer lots of practical advice for sport and activity organisations who want to truly meet their members’ needs.

Key Findings – How Do People Feel Sports & Activity Organisations are Responding to Lockdown?

  • 56% are exercising less as a result of coronavirus outbreak. Just 18% are exercising more.
  • The majority of people think their clubs have responded either well or very well to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • 72% have received communication from their sports and activity group about the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Popular means of responding to Covid-19 include fast communication, halting fees, and offering online classes and guides to exercising at home.
  • Common sources of frustration with clubs include poor communication, taking too long to react, and appearing to flout the rules.

Listen and Act

ACT Safeguarding Adults in Sport Manager Nicola Dean says:

Every sport and activity organisation needs to hear every participants’ voice. So these surveys offer organisations ideas on how to improve engagement with participants. They’ll also help you develop your approach to safeguarding adults.

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