Guidance for DBS Checks in Sport – Working with Adults (England and Wales)

Are You Eligible for a DBS Check?

This flowchart will help you decide whether or not you need to get a DBS check – whether it’s for you, a member of staff, or a volunteer.

This flowchart is for guidance only. It does not include every role which may be eligible for a DBS check working with adults.

It is important to always check with DBS or a legal advisor if you are unsure. Further guidance and an online eligibility tool for England and Wales can be found on the website. This guidance would apply whether the individuals are paid or unpaid. If you live in Scotland, further information can be found through Disclosure Scotland. If you live in Northern Ireland, further information can be found through Access NI. 

Safer Recruitment Process

If individuals in your organisation do not require or are not eligible for a DBS check, you should follow the a safe recruitment process, especially where you feel they may have the opportunity to built a relationship of trust with adults.

Find Out More About the Safer Recruitment Process

Further Resources

  • Download the flowchart here.
  • Mind have produced a useful guide to explain what information will show up on each type of DBS check.
  • Unlock have produced detailed guidance and resources about criminal record checks for employees and employers across all sectors.


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