Jess Phillips MP and the Domestic Abuse Bill – Telling Untold Stories – Safeguarding Matters

Jess Phillips MP Domestic Abuse Bill 2021

ACT’s Sarah Goff talks to Jess Phillips MP about the Domestic Abuse Bill.

After years of work, Jess has finally got the new Domestic Abuse Bill passed. She talks to Sarah about the challenges she’s faced along the way, and about the many “names written in invisible ink” throughout the bill.

Jess also talks about how lockdown may have made many of us rethink our attitudes towards domestic abuse and safety. It forced many to reflect: what if I wasn’t safe in my own home? What if I was forced to stay in a place where I was at constant risk of abuse?

Though there are no doubt some areas where the new bill falls short, Jess talks about the power of data in telling untold stories and in holding the government to account.

Listen to the podcast below:

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