Good Things Foundation – A Manifesto to Close the Digital Divide

A Manifesto to Fix the Digital Divide

The Good Things Foundation is calling on the government to set a strategic and practical pathway to digital inclusion.

A recent report highlighted that many older people in are digitally excluded. Too many find it all but impossible to access vital information and services.

Digital Communities Wales’ partner, Good Things Foundation, are working to fix this digital divide. They are helping thousands of vulnerable people in communities across the UK get online through their National Databank and Device Bank. They are also producing a number of resources to help people learn more about various aspects of the digital world.

A Manifesto to Fix the Digital Divide

National Digital Inclusion Network includes thousands of organisations dedicated to reaching digitally excluded people across the UK. They have delivered a number of services and resources to help fix the digital divide.

These include:

  • Introductory videos to key digital concepts, such as AI.
  • The National Device Bank – a means of businesses to responsibly dispose of their unused tech, to help digitally excluded people get online.
  • The National Databank – like “a foodbank for mobile data”. This service provides free mobile SIM cards to digitally excluded people.
  • Learn My Way – digital skills support to help people gain confidence in using the internet and digital technologies.
  • Real stories from people the project has supported to get online.
  • A system for people to get in touch to specify the sort of support they need.

Browse these services and resources in full here.

The National Digital Inclusion Network

The Good Things Foundation is encouraging organisations across the UK to join the National Digital Inclusion Network.

Being a member lets you access free digital inclusion services to help people learn digital skills and access the means to use the internet.

Learn more about the network, and find out how to join, here.

Free Q&A Session

Digital Communities Wales, in partnership with Good Things Foundation, are holding a Q&A session for organisations in Wales on 18 June 2024 at 11:30am.

This session covers the free services and support you can access as part of the National Digital Inclusion Network.

You can register for a free place here.

If you have any questions, get in touch with the Databank team at