National Safeguarding Adults Week 2019

Where is it?


When is it?

From Monday, 18th November, 2019
until Sunday, 24th November, 2019

National Safeguarding Adults Week 2019

National Safeguarding Adults Week 2019 will take place 18-24 November.

For the 2019 National Safeguarding Adults Week, we’re collaborating with The SAB Manager Network and The University of Nottingham. We aim to create a time where we can all focus on safeguarding adults – so we can be better, together.

Each day will be focused on a different safeguarding adults at risk issue. We’ll be releasing new resources and information about each in the build up to the week.

National Safeguarding Adults Week 2019 – Key Themes

Each day of the week we’ll focus on a different safeguarding theme:

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Over the next few weeks we will publish resources to help you find out more about the week’s key themes.


How to Get Involved


Raise awareness of key issues facing adults at risk

Help us raise awareness. Each day will focus on a different key issue from forced marriage to disability hate crime. You can help by:

  • Learning about the key issues from our resources and information
  • Share the resources within your organisation and to the people you support
  • Use the #SafeguardingAdultsWeek hashtag on social media to share our resources and let us know what you’re doing


Run safeguarding events and training

We want to give you the opportunity to focus on safeguarding adults at risk. You can use the National Safeguarding Adults Week to:

  • Identify key safeguarding issues and share these with your staff and people you support
  • Run an event or training session in your organisation to get you all up to date on the latest safeguarding news and updates
  • Understand your responsibilities in safeguarding adults at risk
  • Take time out to assess your policies and practices


Come to the Ann Craft Trust Annual Safeguarding Seminar & AGM

At the Ann Craft Trust we are running our seminar to coincide with the week. The seminar will include best practice guidance and research focusing on each of the topics covered in the week.

Watch this space for details.


Encourage an open discussion

Safeguarding adults is the responsibility of all organisations and true open discussion is needed to get it right. We want to encourage participation from all organisations from sports to health care providers and to encourage discussion about these issues with everyone they support.

We know that organisations around the UK have been creating their own safeguarding weeks – so we want to bring everyone together.  So we can be better, together.


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