Celebrating 80 years of Rounders England

Rounders England

We were very happy to support the Rounders England 80th celebration event at the House of Commons this week.

Rounders England also used this event to launch their insight report on the power of rounders to break down barriers and engage inactive people.

The Rt Hon Stuart Andrew MP spoke fondly of rounders and the great positive impact it has for those involved.

He also spoke about the Government’s Get Active Strategy for the future of sport and physical activity.

Other speakers took to the stage, including Natalie Justice-Dearne CEO who introduced the launch of the Insight findings report and the Using Rounders as Sport for Development tool.

Alison Howard spoke about the history of Rounders England as well at Kim Leadbetter MP and members of clubs in West Yorkshire who shared their experiences of being part of a team and developing community spirit. In addition, Phil Smith discussed Sport England’s Uniting the Movement strategy, and the ways in which rounders help to deliver it as a system partner.

Finally, the chair Katherine Knight concluded speeches on how the Rounders: Reconnected strategy will continue to support healthy and active communities.

Catherine Sykes, Safeguarding Adults Manager for the Sport and Activity Sector, attended the event. She said:

It was really interesting to hear the journey that Rounders England has been on over the last 80 years including the recognition to become an NGB and System Partner of Sport England. Rounders is a game that has been played and loved by so many. I look forward to seeing the future plans come to fruition.

Read more about their reconnect strategy.