Working Collaboratively to Support Older People to Live Longer Better!

Sports During Lockdown

Professor Sir Muir Gray, Active Partnerships and Optimal Ageing are working together to explore the issues faced by older people across the UK.

The collaboration aims to support people to ‘Live Longer Better’ and reduce the need for health and social care.

Live Longer Better

The over 80s population will double within the next ten years. The majority of those aged over 65 are likely to experience poor health for more than half of their remaining years.  Additionally, a new report by Age UK has highlighted how COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the physical and mental heath of older people.

In response, the Live Longer Better partnership is working to support people in remaining active.

There is a focus on physical activity as well as supporting people to engage cognitively and emotionally. This will result in increased physical health and reduce the risk of mental health conditions. Allowing people to live longer better.

How to Learn More… 


  • The ‘Move it or Lose It’ campaign is encouraging older people to participate in sport or activity.
  • Active Oxfordshire have discussed their involvement in the campaign and uploaded resources from the first ‘Live Better Longer’ event.
  • Live Longer Better has a host of resources about how to think and feel better as you get older.