UK Athletics Respond to BBC Documentary about Abuse in Sport

UK Athletics

Nowhere to Run: Abused by Our Coach aired on the BBC in September 2021.

You can watch this documentary on the iPlayer until September 2022 here.

In this documentary, Charlie Webster talks about the abuse she experienced as part of a running club. She explores how this abuse alienated her from her friends, and from the sport she loves.

“A Truly Heartbreaking Watch”

UK Athletics CEO Joanna Coates has released a statement in response to this documentary.

It is a truly heartbreaking watch.

I want to thank Charlie Webster and others for their bravery in coming forward and sharing their stories.

I have been clear since I took over as CEO of UK Athletics, everybody must feel safe to come forward and tell us what is going on. If they don’t then we will have failed.

Everybody must know they’ll be listened to and the information they provide used in the right way. They will be treated respectfully and supported properly as individuals.

You can read the full UK Athletics response here.