The Importance of Peer Support in Safeguarding – Safeguarding Matters

Peer Support Network

Peer support networks can make a huge difference in helping organisations achieve safeguarding best practice.

In this edition of Safeguarding Matters, Nicola Dean talks to Cassi Wright, Head of Safeguarding at Crystal Palace FC, and Ashlee Byrne, Senior Safeguarding Officer for the British Horseracing Authority.

They discuss the importance of peer support in safeguarding. They also offer some tips for anyone looking to set up their own peer support network. In short – reach out to people! You’ll find that most people are happy to help.

Find Your Safeguarding Peers at Our Annual Safeguarding Conference!

In this podcast, Nicola, Cassi and Ashlee talk about how great it was to meet at The Ann Craft Trust’s Safeguarding Conference last year.

This year’s conference takes place in Nottingham on Wednesday 23 November. We’re focusing on adult exploitation, with presentations and workshops exploring modern slavery, county lines, and more.

As well as providing a chance to learn more about key safeguarding issues, this is also an opportunity to meet people from the wider safeguarding community. So if you’re looking to join a peer support network, you’re sure to find many like-minded people at our conference.

On the same night at the same venue, we’re hosting a special 30th Anniversary Celebration meal. Book a ticket for the conference and you can book your place at the meal at the same time.

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