The FSA – Building a Culture of Trust in Sport – Safeguarding Matters

A young boy kicking a football at a goal in his back garden at home. His grandfather is standing in goal, ready to defend it.

Catherine Sykes talks to David Rose, Deputy CEO of The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA).

David talks about how the FSA is working to develop policies and procedures to safeguard adults in their organisation.

He discusses how important it is to listen to the voices of people who use services, as this helps clubs and organisations truly meet their needs.

David also shares some of his methods for engaging with FSA members. He stresses that supporters are the lifeblood of football, so it’s vital that we create a culture of trust in which nobody’s ever afraid to speak out.

It can be too easy to ignore problems. So the trick is to make it even easier to act on problems.

Finally, David shares some advice for any sport and activity organisations starting on safeguarding journey: Don’t fear it! Because if you start worrying, you might put it off, and it might never happen.

David concludes that safeguarding is not as daunting or complicated as it seems, and there’s lots of support out there if you need it.

Listen below: