The First BSI Standard for Safeguarding

The First BSI Standard for Safeguarding

The Ann Craft Trust, along with a number of other organisations, has been contributing to the development of the first BSI Standard for Safeguarding.

The Standard BS25800 encompasses safeguarding in its widest sense for both adults and children. It gives guidance for all types and sizes of UK-based organisations on how they can provide assurance that measures are in place to keep individuals safe from harm and respond effectively to safeguarding concerns.

Emma Gibson, Head of Safeguarding Adults in Sport at The Ann Craft Trust, said:

We are pleased to have played an active role in the creation of this Standard and to be viewed as an industry expert with the knowledge and experience of adult safeguarding that will help shape best practice in safeguarding across England, Scotland and Wales.

The draft document is open until 6 December for public consultation and comment.  You can view the consultation here, but please note you need a login.