Can You Spare Five Minutes to Help Everyone Return to Play?

Sport England Club Matters

The Coronavirus Pandemic and lockdown restrictions have made it very difficult for anyone to participate in and volunteer to support sport and activity in a club or group environment.

Sport England Club Matters are asking anyone who was a member, participant or volunteer at a club or group before the lockdown to take part in a national survey. This way, they can can understand your feelings and views about your return.

There are two surveys. One is for sport and activity participants, and the other’s for volunteers.

Three Great Reasons to Take Part in This Survey

  • Help us to help you! If lots of people respond, Club Matters will better understand how people are feeling in your sport, and what support you need to return. They can then pass this information on to sports and activity organisations to help with planning, communications and delivery.
  • Understanding different groups of people. The survey asks about how people are thinking and feeling about their sport or activity. It also asks for helpful demographic information like age group, gender and disability. This will help build a national understanding of how different groups are feeling. That way, everyone can get exactly the right support they need.
  • You have a voice, so use it. Every club and organisation is different. By encouraging as many members, participants and volunteers to take part as possible, we can ensure their unique concerns and views form part of the national picture.

Can You Spare Five Minutes to Help Everyone Return to Play?

The more people who complete this survey, the better Club Matters can help everyone. As such, we hope you can share the following links with as many people as possible!

The survey will be open until Friday 7th August 2020.