Sport and Activity Organisations – Help Us Understand How Covid-19 is Affecting You!

Safeguarding in Sport Covid 19

How is Covid-19 affecting sports and activity organisations and participants?

We’ve put together a short survey for UK sport and activity organisations. We’d like to hear how you’re responding to Covid-19, and whether you have any questions or concerns about safeguarding during lockdown.

Your answers will help us create the resources and offer the guidance you need to get through this trying time.

The survey asks:

  • What key challenges are you facing during covid-19?
  • Are you running any alternative activities for your members during lockdown?
  • How are you using your safeguarding policy at this time?
  • Do you have any questions about safeguarding, or other issues?
  • What sort of resources would you like us to create?

The survey should take you no longer than five minutes to complete.

Help us understand how Covid-19 is affecting UK sport and activity.

Head here to take our survey.