Sense: Positive Stories From Lockdown Life

SENSE Bradford Road

The uncertain times have led to new ways of delivering support.

Sense is the charity for people with complex disabilities. 138 Bradford Road is Sense’s accommodation for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or sensory impairments who require nursing or personal care.

During Covid-19 lockdown, Sense had to close their resource centre. This meant that they had to quickly find new ways to deliver support. So they welcomed some new support staff to their Bradford Road accommodation.

The Lockdown Lowdown

Sense shared a series of positive stories about life under lockdown at their support accommodation.

From a very special birthday to a full sensory house party, the stories demonstrate the power of positivity in trying times. Carers and support staff do amazing work all the time. But exceptional circumstances call for exceptional care, and it’s been wonderful to see so many people go the extra mile.

You can read Sense’s positive stories from lockdown life here.