#SaferCultureSaferSport – Robbie Jacques, Nottingham Lions FC, and The Gay Football Supporters’ Network – Safeguarding Matters

Robbie Jacques, Nottingham Lions FC, and The Gay Football Supporters' Network

Nicola chats with Robbie Jacques, who plays for Nottingham Lions FC, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire’s only LGBTQ+ football team.

The two discuss the rising acceptance of LGBTQ+ identities in professional and grassroots football.

Robbie’s recently received a nomination for the Positive Role Model Award for LGBT as part of the National Diversity Awards.

I believe everyone should be comfortable doing what they love without fear of discrimination and abuse. I believe we have the potential to change attitudes now more than ever. LGBTQ+ friendly clubs can play a significant role in providing a safe and supportive space for players and supporters, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender identity, race and religion.

Learn more about Nottinghamshire Lions FC here.

Robbie also recommends The Gay Football Supporters’ Alliance, as a great resource for anyone who wants to know more about LGBTQ+ friendly clubs.