Disabled children face a greater risk of abuse than non-disabled children.

This course supports you to explore the challenges faced in this area, the implications for the development and future wellbeing of disabled children and looks at good practice in addressing these.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who works with children and young people with disabilities.

This could include:

  • Organisations who work with parents and carers with their own support needs, for example mental health, substance use, domestic abuse, learning disabilities or health conditions, separation and emotional well-being and loss
  • Education
  • Health and mental health
  • Social care
  • Third and voluntary sectors
  • Police

Aims of the Neglect and Disabled Children Training Course

  • Understanding what neglect is and how we recognise it.
  • Identifying the areas that we may not see.
  • Understanding how signs of the neglect of disabled children may differ from the abuse of non-disabled children.
  • Identifying the conditions in which neglect takes place.
  • Considering the role of culture and how disabled children and young people are seen.
  • Learning effective ways of multi-agency working.

The Neglect and Disabled Children Training Course will explore the following areas:

  • Culture and disability
    Understanding culture and how disabled children are seen
  • Relationships and attachments
    Identifying the intricacies of relationships and attachments of children and young people
  • Effects of neglect
    This course helps participants to understand the long-term effects on disabled children of neglect
  • Ofsted Review
    Understanding the implications of Protecting Disabled Children Thematic Review Ofsted 2012
  • Reflective practice
    We will consider how reflective practice and analysis can play a part in your practices
  • Multi-agency working
    Multi-agency challenges; what makes good teamwork and strong team cultures; change and resistance; strengths based practice.
  • Reviews and assessments
    Identification, assessment and analysis of neglect, planning for robust review and management to ensure the needs of both disabled children and their families are met.

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