Safeguarding Speaks – An Age UK Webinar Series

To mark Safeguarding Adults Week, Age UK launched a webinar series Safeguarding Speaks…hosted by Carrie Bower.

Carrie is the Safeguarding Manager and Domestic Abuse lead at Age UK. She is passionate about everything safeguarding. She is specifically dedicated to amplifying the voices of older victim-survivors of domestic abuse.

Here’s a roundup of the week and who Carrie spoke to.

Safeguarding Speaks… to Age UK’s (National) Safeguarding Team

Carrie spoke to Julie and Sam from Age UK’s Safeguarding Team about what safeguarding means at Age UK.

They discussed the people AGE UK works with. They also discussed how the charity supports teams, the training they deliver and the resources they produce.

Safeguarding Speaks… to Hourglass

Carrie spoke to Richard and Veronica from Hourglass about their services and the challenges for older victim-survivors of abuse. They also talked about the partnership between Hourglass and Age UK.

You can contact Hourglass here.

You can also learn more about Hourglass’s research.

Safeguarding Speaks… to PEGS

Carrie spoke to Michelle John, founder Parental Education Growth Support (PEGS).

Michelle founded PEGS to respond to the lack of provisions for parents and caregivers experiencing domestic abuse from their children, including adult offspring.

PEGS has four main aims:

  • Support parents.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Train professionals.
  • Influence regional and national policy.

PEGS offers one-to-one consultations, peer group support, workshops, and programmes. Their services are online and telephone-based, and they only work with those experiencing abusive behaviours.

Learn more about PEGS here.

Safeguarding Speaks… to Daphne Franks

Carrie spoke to Daphne Franks about her mother, Joan.

After Joan’s death in 2016, Daphne and her family discovered that a man much younger than Joan had secretly married her. Joan was 91, had dementia and a terminal illness. Daphne discovered a lack of safeguarding for people who lack mental capacity when marrying.

In this webinar, Daphne spoke to Carrie about her campaign to ensure better protection against predatory marriage and the changes needed to prevent this from happening to others.

Learn more about Predatory Marriage and Daphne’s campaign here.

You can also listen to Daphne tell her story in this Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Matters podcast.

Safeguarding Speaks… to Amanda Warburton-Wynn

Carrie spoke to Amanda about their shared passion for raising awareness of domestic abuse in later life.

They also discussed Amabda’s role at Cambridgeshire County Council DASV Partnership, and her independent Research into Sexual Violence and Assault against older people in hospitals.

Access the Safeguarding Speaks Webinars

Age UK recorded the Safeguarding Speaks webinar series.

You can access their discussion with Amanda Weburton-Wynn here.

You can also learn more about Age UK’s work on domestic abuse here.