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Safeguarding disabled children and young people ACT

Disabled children face up to four times more risk of harm than non-disabled children.

All children and young people have a right to a happy childhood and a life that’s free from abuse, fear, and harm. So safeguarding disabled children and young people is a shared responsibility that we must all take very seriously indeed.

In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, your host Nicola talks to Sarah Goff, the safeguarding young people lead at the Ann Craft Trust.

Sarah has worked in child protection for 30 years, and has been with ACT for seven years. In this podcast, she argues that we must pay attention to young people’s voices, views and experience when shaping safeguarding policies.

It’s up to us to learn how to communicate. Disabled children and young people already communicate. We need to learn to understand.

Sarah also talks about some of the projects she’s currently leading at ACT, including the recently-launched We Matter Too report on domestic abuse and disabled young people.

Listen below: