Safeguarding Adults in Sport Manager for Wales Jodi Evans – My First Year With The Ann Craft Trust

Jodi Evans

A whole year has passed since I joined the amazing Ann Craft Trust Team! And it’s fair to say I really did make the best decision in going for this role and feel grateful for the continuous learning I am experiencing.

What a team this is! It’s inspiring to see how such a small group of people can continue to make so much difference to the safeguarding cause. The combined knowledge at Ann Craft Trust is like having my own personal library at the end of a Teams message or call. Every person at Ann Craft Trust provided me with the warmest of welcomes, and their support continues.

Then there’s the world of sport. It’s felt like the most welcoming community of people to me, even though I am not familiar with many here yet. I’ve seen first-hand how so many different sports impact so many lives in such positive ways.

I also have the great pleasure of working regularly with my CPSU colleagues, who wholeheartedly embraced me and my phobia of certain technologies. Delivering training together has become something I actively look forward to. As we say, every day has been a learning day!

Clare from Sport Wales has also been on hand to point me in the right direction and explain sporting terminology on those occasions when she saw a confused or blank expression on my face. She’s another colleague I am grateful to work with.

So, on reflection, a pretty good first year!

Safeguarding Adults Support and Guidance for NGBs

In my post I provide safeguarding adults support and guidance to NGBs in Wales. As I am finding my feet, I am beginning to realise there is so much good work going on.

I experienced the Safeguarding Adults Conference for the first-time last year. We are just adding the finishing touches to this year’s conference. Exciting times ahead!

We had our first Welsh NGB complete to the Safeguarding Adults Framework, with Swim Wales providing a strong submission. Safeguarding Lead Zita has shown sheer passion and determination throughout the process.

We launched a year of face-to-face safeguarding lead forums in collaboration with Cerri, Graham, and Hannah from the CPSU. These have proved invaluable to me in putting names to faces, and just generally getting to know as many people as possible. I’m also loving being able to meet up with my CPSU colleagues at these. Enjoying a good old natter with a Welsh cake and a cuppa will always be more fun than our regular, more formal online training sessions and meetings.

We have jointly delivered around 15 board training sessions over the last 12 months. Be sure to take a look at our upcoming sessions here.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be invited to the WRU Integrity Symposium in April 2024. What a day that was! Standing in the conference room of the Principality Stadium and looking out on to that pitch was worth an early alarm.

Let’s Talk!

This first year of safeguarding adults with The Ann Craft Trust has flown by. I have pushed past my comfort zone and learned so much about what it means to  safeguard adults in sport.

If you are a Safeguarding Lead for an NGB in Wales and we haven’t yet managed to speak directly, it would be great to connect. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how I can support you in any safeguarding adults matters within your sport. To arrange a friendly chat, email me at

Here’s to another jam packed 12 months!

Diolch i chi gyd am eich cefnogaeth barhaus!

Thank you all for your continued support!